Potions (drinks) are items in My Talking Tom. They can do different effects to Tom, and all the potions cost coins (except for Adult and Baby Potion, which cost real money).

The Potions (drinks)

List of Potions (drinks):

Cost:50 coins

Description:Removes extra fat

Cost:50 coins

Description:100% energy

Cost:150 coins

Description:100% All stats

Cost:100 coins

Description:Makes Tom Hungry


Description:Back to Baby Size


Description:Jumps to Adult Size


  • The Baby Potion and the Adult Potion are the only potions that cost real money.
  • The Fat Burner and Energy Potion are the cheapest potions in the game.
  • When you update/install the My Talking Tom app on Jan 23, 2014, The Max Potion is now cost 150 coins instead of 200 coins.

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